About Us

Hi, my name is Pam Land.  My husband Joe, and I own Land’s Honey Bee Company. We live in South-Central Alabama near the small town of Opp.  Our story began when Joe started keeping honeybees over fifty years ago near Marianna, FL. When we started dating, Joe had about ten bee hives.  We married in 1976, and our number of hives grew. We always enjoyed extracting honey together on Joe’s parents’ back porch. Due to moving to Alabama for Joe to start a new job, we had to down size. However, after raising our family and several years of keeping bees as a hobby, in 2013 we accomplished our dream to start a business where we could offer delicious chemical-free, raw honey.  

Shortly after starting our business, I developed painful neuropathy which limits my ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time.  Therefore, I had to resign my position as VP at one of the community banks near where we live. I loved my job, and it was hard for me to leave banking.  Although I have limitations, I have used my business management degree to help grow our business. One day, Joe asked me if I would like to go in the bees with him.  I reluctantly replied, “I guess so.” Joe removed the top of a hive and pulled out a frame that was covered with honeybees. When he showed me the amazing Queen Bee, I knew that I wanted to be part of raising honeybees.  Joe and I make a great team. We love what we do, and we love working on the bee farm together.

Each of our products begins with a story. Since our Grandson has eczema, I decided to research essential oils and other natural ways to help him.  Through this research, I saw soap recipes that focused on helping eczema. We made the soap, and we loved it. It left our skin feeling clean and hydrated; therefore, we decided to add handmade soaps to our business.  We were visiting our son and daughter-n-law at their home when they had friends over. One of their friends asked me if we had considered making wet shaving soap. He told me that he had used one of the bars of soap that I had made, and since it had it a great lather, he knew it would make a very good wet shaving soap. It seems as if the younger generation is bringing back the old-fashioned way of shaving using a brush and container of soap. We decided to add wet shaving soaps and wet shaving soap kits to our product line.

I decided that I wanted to try making lip balm.  Since my daughter-n-law loved using lip balm, she helped me tweak the recipe, and once it was just right, we added lip balm to our product line.  One day, a young man came to our booth at the Farmer’s Market asking about beard balm. He explained to me that he as well as many of his friends used beard balm.  I told him that I would make the beard balm if he would help me tweak the recipe. I made two different types of beard balm and sent them to him. He chose the one that he thought was best, and we added beard balm to our product line. Next, we added hand balm.

Although we use some natural fragrance oils, we mostly use essential oils in our products.  We strive to make our products as natural and safe as possible for our customers. Since honey and beeswax have antibacterial properties, we add them to our soaps. Our beeswax is one of the main ingredients in our hand balm, lip balm, and beard balm.

We have received great feedback from our customers, and the demand for our products is rapidly growing. To better serve our customers, we will be adding more products soon. Although Facebook has been our main avenue for advertising and communicating with our customers, we are very excited about our Website.  Customers can view our products as well as make purchases at any time.

We will be participating in several arts and crafts festivals throughout the year. We will post the dates, times, and locations of each event on our Facebook page. In addition, we will always post new products when we add them. Please follow us on Facebook to see all the latest news from Land’s Honey Bee Company.

Thanks so much,

Pam and Joe Land